I am interested in hearing from freelancers who have expertise in my specialty: French to English translation, in a wide variety of scientific and technical subject areas. There are a number of qualifying criteria, but first and foremost, all freelancers must demonstrate a serious interest in science and technology, in addition to fluency in English.

   Your mother tongue is English.
   You would classify your understanding of the French written word as "excellent".
   You have a diploma, degree or certificate in a scientific or technical discipline.
   You have virus-protected, up-to-date equipment and software and you back up obsessively.

You must also meet at least three of the following criteria:
   You are an accredited member (French to English) of a major translation association.
   You have a diploma, degree or certificate in linguistics or language theory.
   You read and write for pleasure.
   You are good at word-games (i.e. Scrabble).
   You have excellent research skills and are good at making connections across disciplines.
   You have had significant immersion experience in French.

To Apply
If you fulfill all required criteria and at least three of the auxilliary criteria, send your c.v. as an RTF file to cv@sci-tech.ca and mention the word "Freelancer" in the header.  Please use your initial(s) and your last name as the c.v. filename (ex: "jsmith.rtf").

A short test may be required if you are not a certified translator.