If you require French to English translation services and want your scientific or technical documents to be handled by someone with an affinity for science and technology, you need look no further.
Sci-Tech Translations is owned and operated by Deborah McPhedran, a certified French to English translator, who brings experience in both science and consulting engineering to the translation sector. While most projects are translated by the owner, a network of talented sci-tech colleagues and freelancers may be called upon as required.
Our current clients include the Canadian Government, various Ministries of the Ontario Government, agencies across North America and France, and various private companies worldwide. These organisations are involved in numerous sci-tech domains, including:

       Ceramics and materials science
       Civil engineering and construction
       Geoscience and geomatics
       Industrial technology
       general science and technology

We handle a variety of document types, including:

       Calls for tender / requests for proposal / technical specifications
       Engineering reports
       Journal articles
       News releases
       Strategic plans / R & D    

See listing of recent projects.

Note that if you require English to French translation services, or sci-tech translation services in another language pair, we would be pleased to direct you to an appropriate colleague. We, however, concentrate on what we do best and provide linguistic services only into English.